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iGetNotified was formed with the goal of providing the best possible automated notification solutions for our clients. We realized that not every organization has the ability or even the desire to purchase and maintain the kind of expensive calling equipment that's necessary to achieve high-quality sound and accurate detection of answering machines or voicemail boxes.

Appointment Notifications

The cost of missed appointments can definitely take a toll on your balance sheet. Although appointment reminder postcards and manual calls can help, they're also time consuming, expensive, and stressful for already busy employees. By using automated appointment notifications reminder service, you can save time and money to increase productivity and reduce lost revenues.

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Group Notifications

If your business or institution needs to reach hundreds or thousands of your contacts by audio or text messages quickly, our automated Group Notifications service provides the most cost effective solution. With Group Notifications, you can market your products and sales to customers, perform business continuity management functions to notify employees of important issues, events or alerts and even send updates to members of an ongoing campaign or event.

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