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Supply Chain

Unify Your communication to improve the logistics of your organization.

UniLync Connect

When coordinating large shipping orders or managing a fleet of trucks, it is critical to make sure your communication is unified and reliable across the board. That is why UniLync offers features that easily help your organization send out personalized notifications via text, email and voice to different groups, notifying drivers, managers, and staff about shipping orders, changes in schedule, and other updates around your different operations.

Utilize the Connect feature to inform your employees and customers about:

  • Information on orders
  • Changes in scheduling
  • Changes in orders
  • New routes
  • Company updates

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UniLync Collect

Optimize your customer service through a simple and easy-to-use payment system for your customers. UniLync Collect can help you with invoice notifications, payment reminders and collections through one easy application.

Utilize the Collect feature to conduct the following:

  • Invoice/payment notification
  • Process payments
  • Payment reminders
  • Payment confirmation

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Unify The Way You Communicate

With UniLync, there is no longer a need for multiple applications to handle your messaging needs. UniLync is fast, simple, and flexible for any supply chain situation. Get started today.

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